Basic terminology

Bug Report - The end result of posting a ticket on trac detailing a problem that you encounter with Colloquy.

Enhancement - The end result of posting a ticket on trac requesting a feature to be added to Colloquy.

Ticket - A Form that is filled out and saved that usually details a bug report or an enhancement.

Trac - The web-based software that Colloquy uses to keep track of everything, from bug reports to source checkins.

Before Filing

Do a quick search before filing your ticket. While Colloquy doesn't get full updates on a regular basis, bugs are constantly being fixed. This means there's a chance your problem might have been fixed already! If the problem has been solved, you can build Colloquy's source code and have the latest changes.

Be sure to keep an eye out for tickets similar to yours. If you want to be really helpful, jot down the numbers and mention them at the end along with the ticket summary.

Do I have to sign up file a ticket?

You don't have to sign up to file a bug report or an enhancement request for Colloquy. However, if you want to make a followup comment or attach additional files, you will need to register and log in.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or run into problems when making a ticket, someone is usually on irc and willing to answer your question if you stick around for a bit.

The Ticket

Make a short summary

When looking over open trac tickets, we only see a short summary of the problem. The more concise and well written the summary is, the quicker we can see what the ticket is about when looking through the list.

The Problem (Alternately, The Request)

Details are important. So is brevity. You want to give as much information as you can concerning the problem, but make a block of text that's difficult to read and full of details that aren't related. How do you reproduce the bug? Exact steps are helpful here. What were you doing when you ran into the problem? Are there any workarounds that you've found for your problem? Is this bug new to the current version of Colloquy? What does your enhancement request want added in? Is it something brand new or a change in behavior? Was a feature removed that you want added back in?

Things to attach

If you're filing a bug report, we will most likely need the crash log to know what exactly is going on in Colloquy. For Desktop Colloquy, Crash logs are located in /Users/username/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/. For Mobile Colloquy, crash logs are located in /Users/username/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevices/DeviceName. In either case, the files are named are named Colloquy_year_month_day_time_user.crash. The newest one is the best one to attach, however, you can attach multiple reports if you like.

If there's weird problems going on with the UI, you should attach screenshots of what's happening.

Other things to mention

What OS and Platform are you on? Mac 10.5.6? iPhone 2.2.1? If Mac, what version of Safari do you have installed?

Type overview

Defect - If you're filing a bug report, select this.

Enhancement - If you want something new to be added to Colloquy, select this.

Task - You shouldn't need to select this.


Please leave this one blank, we will set it ourselves as needed.


Select the version and device thats appropriate for you. On Desktop Colloquy, you can find the version by selecting Colloquy -> "About Colloquy". On Mobile Colloquy, you can find the version number by opening, tapping on Colloquy and then looking in the About section near the bottom.

If you built the source on your own, for either Desktop or Mobile, select "Built Source" from the drop down menu. Then specify what SVN revision you're on in the ticket. You can find the SVN revision number by selecting Colloquy -> "About Colloquy". It is the number in parenthesis. If "(source)" is showing up, type "svn info" in the directory with Colloquy's source.


How important is this? Not to you specifically, but to Colloquy as a whole. How much of an improvement will Colloquy get by fixing the bug or adding the feature? This is liable to be changed around if we disagree with your assessment on the issue, so it is best if you leave it blank and let us set it as needed. The priority levels, from most important to least important are: Highest High Normal Low Lowest


What part of Colloquy is broken? Where would your feature be added in to? If you're not sure on this, leave it blank and we can add it as needed.


This should primarily be used for bug reports. How critical is your bug? Does it prevent you from using Colloquy all together, or is it a minor annoyance that only pops up in rare edge cases? This is also liable to be changed around if we disagree with your assessment on the issue, so it is best if you leave it blank and let us set it as needed. The severity levels, from most severe to least severe are: Blocker Critical Major Normal Minor Trivial


Do you want to be notified if there is a change in your ticket status or a comment on it? If so, add your email here. Don't worry, the full email isn't public and we won't spam you.

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